Order Entry

  • Smart Order Form – Allows for quick and intuitive customer entry. This form implements interactive alerts to eliminate order entry error.
  • Paperless Dialer Interface – PSOnline integrates with several leading dialer brands, allowing the entire sales process to be electronic, voice and data from sales person, to closer, to verifier.
  • Duplication Check – Scans new customers against existing database looking for matching names, addresses, phone numbers and payment information. Screening Queue – Stores orders awaiting screening against voice recordings.


  • Collection Batches – Collections managers can create calling batches according to delinquency, time zone and order status. These batches can then be assigned to one or more collectors to be called until the batch expiration date arrives.
  • Integrated Web Authorization – Gives collectors instant access to run online Credit/Debit card payments for delinquent customers.
  • Payment Arrangements – Collectors can set up future payments in accordance with customer requests for specific dates and/or amounts.
  • Payment Reminders – PSOnline automatically informs collectors when proposed payments are executed and the result. Allowing them to follow up with specific customers about proposed payment outcomes.
  • Collection Dollars – Collectors can track their collection payment history and totals with a single click.
  • Collection Notes – Collectors can search system notes in order to refresh knowledge of the customer’s call history, past interaction and payment details.


  • Credit/Debit – PSOnline can interface with your existing gateway and merchant accounts.
  • Pre-Authorized Checks – PSOnline offers full support of MICR check printing.
  • Invoice – PSOnline prints fully customizable invoices.


  • Clearing – Fulfillment of customer orders performed with a single click.
  • Multiple Clearing Houses – Direct Clearing, PPSB, PDS, MagMart, and SMS.
  • Price Files – PSOnline provides one click import of suppliers’ sales lists.
  • Least Cost Pricing Routing – PSOnline offers an intuitive pricing tool that allows managers to analyze and control product cost.


  • Customer Letters – Fully customizable form letters can be easily written in Microsoft Word and added to PSOnline to suit your needs.
  • Sales Reports – Cash Status, Billing Detail, Collection Progress all customizable.
  • Audit Reports – Allow certain PSOnline users the ability to monitor sensitive data alterations like contract cancels and/or changes.


  • Batch Billing – Performed daily, before your crew arrives to work
  • Auditing – Automatic order note generation to ensure that no data changes go unnoticed
  • Letter Generation –  PSOnline will submit letters to the printing queue: confirmation letter specific to the state the customer lives in, missed, declined or broken promise payments, invalid customers credit/debit cards


  • Security Roles – Allow a PSOnline administrator to grant access to users according to title and responsibility, thus ensuring that the proper people can and cannot get to the data.
  • Job Roles – Allow PSOnline administrator to add users to specific job functions sales, closers, verifiers, or screeners.

Flexible, Scalable, Compliant, and Secure

  • Application Service Provider – PSOnline’s web based design allows for setup of additional companies allowing full capabilities over the Internet. Remote offices and dealers can be setup to perform any or all of the following functions; order entry, order tracking, customer billing and customer collections depending on your requirements.
  • Web Security – Secure Socket Layer (SSL) ensures that sensitive billing information is encrypted over the Internet.
  • PCI-DSS Certified – Fully compliant with all PCI standards